A true Sheet Metal Layout Calculator All Programs are Pre-Loaded in CASIO’s fx-9860GII Graphic Calculator, (Included)
This tool can be used by most trades I.E.  Custom “Sheet Metal Pattern Development”, “Insulators & Laggers Pattern Development”  Including the “Welders” and “Pipe fitters” trades.
  These Layout and Utility Programs, (more than 46), are all pre-loaded in the Calculators “Back-Up” memory in two groups, very easy to access and are designed for SHOP, FIELD and OFFICE use.  If you are not very skilled at pattern development or weak in Math this tool will allow you to compete with a seasoned Layout Professional.  If you are already proficient in Layout Pattern Development these Programs will cut your Layout time in half and save on material waste from start from scratch hand Layouts and its DEAD Accurate! .REMEMBER, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE MATH!    You can be a real asset to your company and increase your efficiency and output.  You can also apply these Programs to more than they were intended for,  just use your imagination.    All of the Programs come Pre-Loaded in the Calculators “Back-Up” Memory in either Inch’s or Metric or Both, your choice.  With the new “Back-Up” feature there is no need to load from a computer anymore.  The Programs are loaded in two Groups.  Group (1) are the most common programs and utilities  and Group (2) are many speciality programs and utilities.  Very easy and fast to switch Groups.    The program output dimensions in (Inch’s) will read in the Decimal form 1st then the Fractional form second to the closest 32nd of an inch for people that don’t know their decimals, decimals are a good thing you should learn!!  You can change the fractions to read in the closest 16th, 8th, or 4ths, but not  recommended for accuracy.   It also includes a 122 plus page “VISUAL” Manual with no written instructions to confuse you, all visual.  The notes on each page answer a lot of questions and help things make sense.
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Don’t let this Calculator intimidate you,  you use it just like a basic Calculator,  you just Input the numbers it asks you for, and you transfer the calculated dimensions to your material as shown in the “Visual Manual”
This tool is not a gimmick or a toy!!