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Using the CASIO FX 9860G II Series Calculators

These Layout and Utility Programs, (more than 45), all pre-loaded in the Calculator, were designed for Shop, Field and Office use, primarily for layout in the Custom Sheet Metal Trade, however these programs can be used by most trades like Insulators,Welding, Plumbing, Pipe Fitters, Concrete, Masons, etc. If you’re not very skilled at pattern development or weak in math, this tool will allow you to compete with a seasoned layout professional. If you are already proficient in layout, this “tool” will cut your layout time by more than half, and save on material waste from a layout by hand from the start. REMEMBER YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE MATH!
You can be a real asset to your company and increase your efficiency. You can also apply these programs to more than what they were intended for, just use your imagination!
All of the Programs come Pre-Loaded in the calculators "Back-Up" memory in both Inches and Metric so you can use either one and there is no need to load from a computer.

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This tool can be used by most Trades
Sheet Metal, Insulators, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters and Welders This "Tool" is not a gimmick or a toy!
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