Expansion Bellows and Construction Expansion Joints
This Program will also give you the steps and Programing dimensions for the Programable Back Gauge starting from the center out in both directions, flanges last. Just enter the step number and dimensions from the Calculator directly into your Back gauge’s computer, very easy!!
This Program is DEAD Accurate as you can see in the Photo’s to the right.  It also gives you the Total Material Stretch-Out including the Flanges, and gives you all the forming degree’s. For the “U-Span” bellows it gives you the Top/ Punch/Die diameter to be used to achieve the O.D. Width and O.D. Height of the Convolutions, with the Number of Convolutions Required.
This is a very good program for U-Span and Camera Corner Bellow Layouts. It will ask you: How many Convolutions O.D. Height of Convolutions O.D. Width of Convolutions Is their a Long or Short Leg Material thickness I.D. Radius of Convolution Width of Flange
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