Architectural Expansion Joints & Layouts BOOT-TEE Layout including Hole Layout. Cone and Round Taper Layout, (ONE Pc. or Multi Piece Layout for Large Cones) Dome/Canopy Layout including forming Degrees Find and Solve all ARCS, Length of ARC’s, RADIUS & DEGREE'S. Large Cone/Taper "Kick" Forming Degrees & Spacing, any size, Large Radius Layout with-out using long strings & wires Lobster Back, (Elbow Layout) for the Insulator's Trade Louver Layout incl. Blade Layout, Evenly Spaced! Modual Layout > Panels, Railing and Hole Layouts Multi Sided center-line Hood/Canopy Layout, 3 or more Sides Offset and Pitched Cone Layouts (Double Triangulation) Offset TEE, In-line including the Hole Layout. Pipe Offset Layout for all Standard Pipe Sizes Polygons & Bolt Circle Layouts & More Radius Hood/Canopy Layout with Diff. Radius Radius Hood/Canopy Layout with Same Radius, using 3 or more Sides Rectangular Louver Layout including Blade Layouts evenly spaced. Rectangular Transition Layout Rectangular Plain Offset Layout Rectangular Change Offset Layout Retctangular 90` Drop Cheek Elbows Round Elbow Layout, any Size, Degree or Material Thickness Round Reducing Elbow Layout, any Degree or No. of Gore’s, (Double Triangulation). Round Exaust/Weather Cap Layout With Inverted Cone Round -Y- Branch Layout, any size, type or combination. Round Louver Layout incl. Blade Layout, Evenly Spaced! Round Roof Dormer Layout incl. Blades & Flange Layout, Evenly Spaced! Round Intersecting Tee Layout, any Size,  including the Hole Layout. Saddle Layout Standard Roof / Cricket Saddle Layout, 90 Deg. Screw Conveyor Layouts Square to Round Layout,  CenterLine or Offset. Spiral Handrail Layout. Staircase and Tread Layouts.
All the Layout and Utility Program’s
Layout Programs:
Utility Programs:
O.D. Bend Allowance, How to use, very accurate. Bend Allowance . . . (O.D.) method Bend Allowance's using an Accumulated Layout,  (O.D.) method Bump Roll Forming for long Tubes with NO Kick marks Calculate Cubic Yards of Concrete/Sand/Gravel Drill size's for Tapping Find Standing Seam forming Degree's for Hoods & Canopy's Length of an ARC w/known Deg.& Rad. Locate a true imaginary OD Apex point for O.D. Bend Allowances Metric to Inch & Inch to Metric Conversion Percentage of opening of perforated materials Polygons & Bolt Circle Layouts & More Pulley Diameters, RPM's & Drive Belt Lengths Roof Pitch & Degrees, Many other Uses Shape Forming for programable Press Breaks Sheet Metal weights per Square foot Solving 90 Degree Triangle's Solving Oblique Triangle's Speeds & Feeds for Mill or Lathe Sprocket, Chain Sizes & Sprocket Diameters Weight per ft. of Steel & Alum.Bars & Shapes
(Special) High Heat Expansion Bellows Layouts for Manual and Back Guage operations, Including Camera Corner and U-Span Styles with Actual TRUE Material CUT SIZE'S, NO approximates. (See Bellows and Expansion Joints).
High Heat Expansion Bellows:
Layout Programs Continued:
TANK End Layouts,  INSULATOR’s, Round End, Segment End, and Elliptical End. True Ellipse Layout including the Circumference. TRUNNION Layout, Insulators and Pipe Fitters Tube Offset Layout for ALL O.D. Tubing.          And More!!
ALL of these LAYOUT and UTILITY Programs stored in one Calculator.  This is one Powerful Tool!!
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