Sample “VISUAL” Layout Manual Page
  As you can see in the Manual page to the Left, the Calculator will ask you for your “INPUT” Dimensions and any information it needs  and then it shows the “OUTPUT” Dimensions that you will transfer to your Material as shown to the left.  If you look at the Pattern in the upper right, you can see where the Output dimensions are placed on the Material, including Length of the Pattern and the Numbered  Dimensions of the equal spacings, as shown.    You can Input any Diameter, Degree, Number of Eq. Spacings and Material Thickness including Inside Dimensions, Outside Dimensions or Mean Dimension in any of the Programs, NO Limits.    The exact layout is shown, you Must ADD for all seams and Flanges as Req’d.    Be sure to read the “NOTES” in the Manuals Pages, they answer a lot of questions and help things make sense.    This Program also lays out the hole for the Intersected Pipe.
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